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Roofing, Window & Siding FAQs

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Some of our more frequently asked questions.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for after reviewing this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide full roof replacements for residential and commercial properties throughout the state of Arkansas as well as new construction roofs. We work with all kinds of roofs, and we offer free estimates. Call us at (501) 588-0842 to discuss your roofing needs.
Our people make a difference. Our crews are uniformed, so you will know for certain who is on your property. We have the same expert workmen we started with 10 years ago, a hands-on owner, and a complete commitment to quality, value, and service. This commitment has brought us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we believe that it’ll get us an A+ from you, too.
The best kind of roof for your project depends on the look you want, your building, and your budget. This is why SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding works with many different kinds of roofing materials. Let us sit down with you and discuss your needs, and we’ll be able to recommend the kind of roof that will be the best for you.
More than a decade of experience with Arkansas roof, siding, window, and gutter replacement means that we have seen your particular home exterior needs before. You can be confident in our experience and expertise.
During our initial visit, we’ll walk you through the process so you’ll know just what to expect. When we come to begin your job, we recommend that you take down any fragile objects from shelves and walls, since there is likely to be some vibration during the roofing process. Apart from this, you need no special preparation. Our crew will finish the work and clean up completely, using magnets to catch any stray nails. We’ll even clean your gutters!
We use only the highest quality materials for our replacements and installations, we do not simply choose the cheapest materials to get the job done. Additionally, we try to utilize the products of local manufacturers when possible to support Arkansas businesses. Although our job estimate may be more expensive than our competitors, we can promise you the best value for your money with added durability for your roofing, windows, and siding!
There are several warning signs that you siding needs to be replaced.

When a house’s siding starts to crack, loosen, break apart or split, it should be replaced before the exterior becomes too uninsulated and open to the elements, resulting in higher cooling and heating bills. The life expectancy of your siding also has a limit, so when it starts to fade or warp, be prepared to replace it.

Bubbles in a home’s siding are a sign that water is seeping in beneath the siding and pooling there. If you do not address the issue, the water causing the bubbles in the siding can result in damage to your house, as well as mildew or mold growth, which poses serious health risks to the occupants of your home.

Siding bubbles can only be fixed by replacing the siding. When choosing a replacement siding, consider the water resistance of the material to prevent future issues.

Various factors affect the cost of vinyl siding for your home. One of the most obvious factors is the surface area of the home; the larger the surface area, the more it will cost you. Other factors include the current surface of your house and the style you choose.
If a window is not operating the way it is meant to (for example, if it needs to be propped open or it does not open or close easily), then it is time to replace it. If the window, seal, or frame is broken, chipped, decayed or otherwise in bad condition, it is also an indication that the window needs replacing.

Additionally, improperly functioning windows that let in drafts or moisture can cause you to have high energy bills, therefore it is paramount to replace them to keep your heating and cooling costs down.

When it comes to selecting windows for a new home or replacement, factors to consider include the size and function of the room, the various window types and styles of available, the sturdiness and durability of the windows, your budget and the estimated installation costs, the energy efficiency and security offered by the windows, and their overall aesthetic appeal.