window replacement in arkansas

An Expert’s Guide to Window Replacement in Arkansas

If you have made the decision to get your home’s windows replaced, our expert guide through the selection process will help you find the best option to meet your needs.

window replacement in arkansas

The choices, decision, and questions every homeowner faces in deciding to invest in new home windows can easily be managed with a little information. By focusing on four steps in sequence – assessment, the contractor, window selection, and investment – the process becomes simple, making your decision easier to make. With this expert’s guide, soon you will be saving money and savoring the views through your new windows.


Fortunately, to assess the current condition of your windows to determine whether or not they need replacement, you do not have to know much about them. Walk around your home’s exterior on a clear day, taking an inventory of your windows by noting each window’s condition and cosmetic appearance. Record damage like broken panes, damaged sashes (frames that hold the glass in place), missing caulk or visible tilt to the stool (bottom horizontal piece).

Repeat the inspection from inside your home. Look for damage or cosmetic problems, counting panes between outside and inside. Look for cloudy panes, drafts, water damage, opening difficulty, and irregular weathering or warping.


For window replacement in Arkansas, a wise homeowner should ask each potential contractor a few questions:

  • How long has your firm installed windows in this area?
  • What window brands do you most often install?
  • What is the warranty, what does it cover, and is it pro-rated?
  • What is your busy season?
  • Do you offer a discount for installing off-season?
  • How long will installation take if you replace all my windows at once?
  • Can you provide the names and contact information of three local customers?


Make sure the contractors you meet with are aware of the notes you took in your assessment and choose one that will be able to address the issues you discovered and meet your needs.


Here, your contractor should provide helpful advice, not simply agree with everything you say. Ask any questions you have and your contractor will be able to create a plan for your window replacement. Consult with them about the material, number of panes, and other available options.

Instead of replacing your window with another of the same type, consider changing the visual appeal of new windows as well. Your old windows may have been simply functional, but upgrading your windows can lead to whole new, dramatic interiors. This is the time to expand your thinking. Something as simple as replacing a plain picture window with a more visually striking bay window can completely transform your home’s living room. Investing in a small amount of remodeling now could lead to a fresh transformation of your home.


The money you invest today on high-value replacement windows will return to you for years to come through several added benefits:

  • Energy efficient replacement windows can award you tax credits
  • Replacement windows save you money on fuel and energy bills
  • Replacement windows add resale value, should you ever decide to move
  • Replacement windows boost curb appeal


Good replacement windows are costly; no trustworthy contractor will say otherwise. Cheaper replacement windows are costlier in the long run, since they will not produce energy savings and will need to be replaced much sooner than quality windows. For more help selecting the best in Arkansas home window replacement, contact SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding online or call (501) 588-0842.

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