Arkansas’s White Christmas Leaves Homes Damaged. Limited Time Discounts Available.

arkansas roofing discounts

It may have been a bit whimsical to have a white Christmas this year. We hadn’t seen one for over 80 years in Arkansas, but for many property owners we’ve spoken with, it wasn’t so pretty. Winter weather really caused a lot of damage this past December. Snow and ice were responsible for downed power lines, broken trees and branches, and a lot of property damage like home roof damage in our state.

The weather conditions certainly caused some big problems for Arkansas property owners. Tree branches crashing into homes, the weight of fallen snow, and even the massive moisture from snow melt are just some of the things that took their toll on Arkansas roofs. Some of the damage from this winter weather was new, but for many who experienced leaks and other symptoms of damage after the snowfall, they were seeing newly revealed existing damage that they had been unaware of previously.

For many of these folks experiencing issues, home roof repair is an option. However, for a lot of homes, and even commercial structures, complete roof replacement is a better choice; in some cases, it is a necessity. In order to properly evaluate any damage to your roof and to know what your options truly are, you need to contact a qualified, experienced Arkansas roofing contractor to evaluate your structure.

After you contact us, we begin with a thorough evaluation. We inspect your roof to determine the age and extent of any damage. In many cases, new damage that is not severe could be remedied with a repair. Usually older, existing damage may likely lead to a roof replacement. If you do need a new roof, the next step will be to provide you with a free quote.

As an Arkansas-based company dedicated to serving our community and a leader in Arkansas roof replacement, we have a special offer to help those affected by winter weather. This makes right now the perfect time to contact us for your free roof quote. Through February 15, 2013, we are offering a 15% discount on roof, siding, and window replacement projects. By doing your replacement work now, SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding can help you save a substantial sum.

While saving money should be an excellent incentive for getting your free roof quote today, acting now has other benefits too. For instance, the sooner you get your new roof, the more likely you are to avoid further damage to the rest of your home from things like water damage from your leaky roof. You could also further save on your energy cost, as an intact roof can help keep the heat in during these colder months.

With all of these advantages, now is the time to act. Fill out our handy, online form to get your free quote today. You can also call one of our local offices throughout Arkansas or call us toll free at (501) 588-0842 to speak to us about the discount and the savings we can offer you for getting started now on your roof replacement project.

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