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benefits of vinyl siding

Did You Know That Vinyl Siding Is “Greener” Than Other Exterior Materials?

The environmental benefits of vinyl siding can help save you money on utilities and decrease your property’s carbon footprint.

benefits of vinyl sidingGreen construction is becoming more popular every year, and many homeowners, landlords, and property managers in Arkansas are looking for environmentally-friendly options for renovations and new construction. Arkansas property owners looking for a “green” choice for exteriors may be surprised to learn that vinyl siding is more eco-friendly solution than brick or fiber cement. If you want to make an informed decision about your project’s environmental impact, the benefits of vinyl siding are clear: vinyl siding is one of the “greenest” exteriors you can choose….
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replacement windows in Arkansas

When to Prioritize Your Need for a Window Replacement

Your inefficient windows could be costing you comfort and money. Recognize the signs when it’s time to get replacement windows for your home.

replacement windows in ArkansasIf you have had the same windows for years, how do you know when it’s time to install replacement windows? While cracked or shattered glass makes it obvious that you need to replace your home’s windows, it is difficult to know when you need to replace otherwise good-looking windows. But while light drafts or minor damage might not seem like a big deal, these issues could be having a significant impact on your home’s energy usage. This means you could paying a lot more for heating and cooling than you should. Learn when to prioritize a window replacement in Arkansas to invest in a project that will end up saving you money in the long run….
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roof repair in Arkansas

Leaks Are Not the Only Reason You May Need a Roof Repair

Don’t leave your roof out of sight, out of mind: keep up with regular inspections to identify needed repairs before the damage gets out of control.

roof repair in Arkansas

Your roof consists of strong layers of sheathing, vapor barrier, shingles, and flashing all sitting on a support system of trusses or rafters. Aside from poor weather conditions, nearby trees and wildlife can wreak havoc on any of all of these materials, leading to one of the many common reasons to repair roofing. If you never notice a leak, you may never see missing or damaged roofing that can leave your home vulnerable to the elements. This drastically increases the chance of damage spreading across your roof and into your living space. Start inspecting your roof in the spring and fall in case you need roof repair in Arkansas before complications occur that may require a full roof replacement….
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