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Arkansas home exterior inspection

Fall is the Perfect Time to Conduct a Home Exterior Inspection!

Before winter weather sets in across the state, inspect your home’s exterior now for any needed repairs or upgrades that will better protect you and your family.

Arkansas home exterior inspection

As winter approaches, homeowners are making preparations to ensure their homes will be protected from the changing weather conditions ahead. Cold temperatures and harsh precipitation can all take a toll on your roof, windows, and siding if certain precautions are not taken. Don’t get caught in the cold before it’s too late; take the steps now to inspect, repair, or replace these crucial areas of your home’s exterior before winter weather sets in.

Arkansas Roofing Checklist for Winter

Your roof is your home’s main defense against the elements. It protects your interior from pounding rain, high heat, bitter cold, thick snow, and freezing ice. Severe conditions in winter can wreak havoc on Arkansas roofing if the structure is compromised in any way. Leaks, warped rafters, compromised trusses, increased drafts, and heating system strains can all ensue, causing your energy costs to rise. To make sure your roof is prepared for winter, check the following for issues:

Shingles. Inspect the roof itself and look for signs of cracking, bending, or missing roof shingles and repair or replace accordingly. Multiple roofing issues may require help from a professional.

Signs of rot or leaks. Look for signs of soft or rotting wood in and around your roof. Bowed shingles and stains on the siding can indicate the roof has water leaks.

Gutters. Inspect your roof’s gutters for damage or potential bottle-necks. Clogged gutters can lead to drainage backups and excess water exposure for the roof.

Attic. Adequate attic ventilation helps circulate air in and out to maintain a strong, healthy roof. Make sure vents and fans are functioning properly, and inspect for any signs of pest activity.

Flashing. Flashing is found around roof vents, pipes, and chimneys. High winds can rip off flashing and lead to roof-damaging leaks. Check flashing for wear or damage, then re-secure, repair, or replace as needed.

Arkansas Vinyl Siding Winter Checklist

Arkansas vinyl siding helps to protect your home and increase curb appeal. Vinyl siding also has an insulating effect, protecting your home from winter temperatures and conditions. To maintain all the benefits of vinyl siding, a pre-winter inspection is key to protecting your home for years to come:

Siding panels. Check your home’s exterior for loose siding panels as well as signs of cracking or chipping, then replace your siding if needed.

Siding seals. Brush away any unwanted moss or vegetation and check for proper seals at siding seams. Small gaps or cracks can often be sealed with a bit of caulk, but larger siding issues should be addressed by a professional.

Winter Checklist for Arkansas Windows

Arkansas home windows can sustain damage in winter without the proper precaution. Before colder temperatures set in, consider the following important elements:

Glass. Check all windows for signs of cracks or breaks and replace glass panels as needed.

Frames and sills. Check your window frames and sills for holes, peeling paint, and other signs of wear to avoid heat and moisture leaks during winter. Reinforce the seal with caulk to improve energy efficiency.

Age. Old windows are one of the biggest causes of energy inefficiency in homes. Consider upgrading your home’s windows to take advantage of more recent window technology.

Arkansas home windows, roofing, and vinyl siding can face severe conditions during winter months. These three home exterior components work the hardest and are impacted most by winter weather. To improve your home’s energy efficiency and minimize the potential of costly damages, it is important to follow these inspection steps now. If you need new roofing, siding or windows, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding before winter sets in by calling (501) 588-0842.

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