Arkansas roof repair

Fix Those Ceiling Cracks and Leaks! Home Roof Repair and Protection in Preparation for Cold Weather

Ceiling cracks and leaks are a sign of a much bigger roofing problem. Invest in a roof repair before winter sets in to avoid risking further damage.

Arkansas roof repair

As the temperature begins to drop, it becomes more important to fix any leaks or damage to your roof. In addition to any mold, rot, or other water damage that may already be present, cold weather can cause snow and water to freeze inside parts of your roof and create even more costly damage. Address your need for Arkansas roof repair before it gets too cold outside to protect your home, reduce your heat loss, and save money on your energy bills.

How to Identify Damage and Leaks

The most obvious way to discover if you have a roof leak is if you can see water emerging from your ceiling during or after a rain. Often you will be able to see water staining on your walls, ceiling, or on the underside of the roof. Wet insulation in your attic is another good indicator for a roof leak. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy to be certain that your roof is the culprit, so make sure to look for other signs of roof damage and leaks:

  • Damage – If your roof has sustained any type of damage like a fallen tree branch or high speed winds, it is important to inspect for damage. Remove any debris and visually inspect the area for cracks or loose shingles. Carefully inspect any plumbing vents, flashing, and skylights for holes or broken seams, as these are weak points that can easily cause leaks.
  • Leaks – When you see an active leak or water staining, attempt to follow it back to the source. Many times the leak originates from an air conditioner, broken plumbing, or simple condensation, so be sure to thoroughly investigate the source.

If you cannot locate the source of the potential leak, manually check for leaks with a water hose. Spray the entire roof while a partner looks for water leaking in the attic or inside the house. Since water runs downward, you will want to start from the lowest point and work your way up to track down the origin of any leaks you may find.

Procrastination Can Cost You Money

It is always best to address your need for Arkansas roof repair as soon as you notice it. If water damage becomes a consistent problem because of your roofing leaks or cracks, you could potentially see costly or irreversible destruction of your home that a roof repair cannot fix:

  • Mold – Standing water or moisture can cause mold to grow on attic insulation and drywall.
  • Rot – Plywood or wooden beams may rot if left wet, requiring costly replacement to reinforce your roofing or foundation.
  • Discoloration – Water stains will need to be painted over and, in extreme cases, drywall or plaster will need to be replaced.

Always Work With Professionals

You could try some quick and easy DIY fixes for your ceiling cracks or leaks, but the best way to protect your home and prevent the issue from re-emerging is to work with a professional roof repair contractor. When hiring a contractor, ask them three important questions before signing a service contract:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. Can you provide a detailed written estimate including permit fees?
  3. What kind of warranty do you offer on materials and workmanship?

Don’t trust your home to just anyone and be careful not to take the lowest estimate to get the job done; the cheapest option is not always the best choice for your home. Take into account the quality of the roofing materials and the services you will receive from each potential contractor.

If you’re looking for a respectable roofing contractor you can trust, request a no-obligation Arkansas roof repair quote online or contact SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding with any questions. You can also call (501) 588-0842 to speak directly with a member of our helpful staff.

Arkansas roof repair

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