Four Factors that Affect the Cost of Arkansas Vinyl Siding

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arkansas vinyl siding

For the average homeowner, figuring out the cost of Arkansas vinyl siding can be a baffling task. Most siding companies don’t advertise their prices online, so researching costs sometimes requires a lot of phone calls and a great deal of time. At SC Roofing, Windows and Siding, we know that your time is valuable; we provide you with a free online quote request form so that you don’t have to call us, and we work hard to have the most competitive prices in town. In addition, we are happy to help you understand the factors that affect the cost of siding so you can speak knowledgeably with a salesperson and avoid overpaying for your materials.


In general, siding grades are determined by the thickness, or gauge, of the product. The thinnest type of Arkansas vinyl siding is known as builder’s grade, and it is usually around .035 inches thick. Mid-grade siding ranges from .040 to .045 inches thick, and premium siding is .055 inches thick or even thicker for special types of siding such as shake siding. You can expect to pay about twice as much for premium grade as for builder’s grade, but the higher grade is also much more durable and it often has a richer color.


Vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colors, styles and textures, and all of these factors can affect the cost of the siding. In fact, there are at least 20 different types of siding, each in a different price range. Styles include smooth vinyl siding, clapboard vinyl siding, board and batten vinyl siding and dutch lap vinyl siding. Other varieties resemble wood, brick and shingles, and it is even possible to buy liquid vinyl siding and siding that includes its own insulation. Additionally, siding colors are incredibly diverse, and even a small difference in shade can sometimes make a big difference in cost.


The present and future availability of the Arkansas vinyl siding can also play a role in its cost. Some colors or styles of siding may be more expensive because they are difficult to find or require a custom order, while others may be cheaper because they are being discontinued. If you choose to cut costs by buying siding that may be unavailable in the future, be sure to purchase more than enough to finish your house; this ensures that you will have replacement panels later.


Siding estimates include the cost of installation. Experience and how many installers will work on the project will affect this cost. Installing vinyl siding requires proper surface preparation, and if this step isn’t done right, water can get behind the siding and damage the exterior walls of the home. Moreover, improper nailing of the siding can cause it to shake and tear in the wind or to bend in the heat. You will want to verify any installers experience and process to be certain of appropriate installation pricing.

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