foggy Arkansas house windows

Why Do My Home Windows Accumulate Condensation and Always Fog Up?

As kids, a foggy house window was nothing more than a blank canvas to be drawn on. But as adults (and homeowners), continuous window condensation might mean there’s a problem in your Arkansas home.

foggy Arkansas house windows

When humid Arkansas air comes in contact with a cold surface, like your home windows in the fall and winter, condensation occurs. Too much of this condensation buildup can cause your windows to fog up and create visible water droplets, and over time cause significant problems for your home. This is one of the signs that your windows need to be replaced, but sometimes there are preventable measures you can take first. If you’re wondering what could be causing your windows to collect condensation, first evaluate the most common contributors to this problem.

Do You Have Air Leaks Around Your Windows?

In many cases, condensation on your Arkansas house windows can be caused by air leaks around the window frame itself. For those who live in an older home, this problem may not be confined to one area of the home, and purchasing new energy efficient windows may be the best solution. You may also check the caulking around the window frame to see if fresh caulking should be applied. Any cracked glass should be replaced altogether by an expert to keep the home air tight as well. Conducting a home inspection may also be helpful, and can help to identify problems before they become significant issues requiring costly repairs.

Do You See Water Leaks from Your Windows?

When water finds a place to collect in the home, humidity levels will rise. Aside from leaking sewer pipes, old or damaged windows may be the main culprit of water leaks. This issue is especially prevalent following a rain storm when water can easily find its way through a broken window, causing damage to the infrastructure of your home. Condensation from windows can easily build up over time, increasing humidity levels rapidly. If windows are not repaired or replaced, this wet fog can contribute to the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria.

Are the Humidity Levels in Your Home Unbalanced?

Condensation buildup and foggy windows can often be traced back to unbalanced humidity levels within your home. If you already own a humidifier, double check to make sure it is not malfunctioning. If humidity levels are constantly too high, a portable or whole-house dehumidifier can be an excellent solution to this problem. However, purchasing new windows altogether may be a much more cost-effective way to allow your home to find a natural humidity level on its own. This can extend the life of your windows and even be a benefit during the summer by lowering energy costs year round.

Is Your Home Properly Ventilated?

If your home does not have adequate ventilation, condensation is much more likely to build up on your house windows. Use kitchen exhaust fans or ceiling fans to allow for better circulation of air throughout the home. This will help reduce the temperature differences between the air inside your home and the glass in your windows. Opening drapes during the day can also help allowing the sunlight to evaporate most of the moisture that would have collected on the windows. Open a window or two from time to time to improve ventilation and allow your home to find a balanced level of humidity.

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