changes to Arkansas roofing in the winter

Do You Know What Happens to Arkansas Roofing During the Winter?

Winter weather has the power to warp, crack, remove, or even destroy the roofing of your Arkansas property, rendering it useless and unprotective.

changes to Arkansas roofing in the winter

Are you aware of the effects that harsh winter weather can have on your Arkansas roofing? Sleet, snow, and freezing rain place your roof at risk for leaks or collapse in certain circumstances. Poor energy efficiency is a side effect of having a roof in need of repair or replacement, but don’t worry! You don’t have to wait until springtime to begin repairs or get a complete roofing replacement, as many roofing professionals still work during the winter.

Your Arkansas Roofing is Vulnerable During the Winter Months

Because of the heavy weight of snow and ice as well as the extreme temperatures that occur in our state, roofing materials (as well as the interior structures and components they protect) are vulnerable to damage during the cold winter season. As a home or business owner, you may be faced with any of the following wintertime roofing issues:

  • Ice dams can occur when snow builds up on your roof. Since the roof’s surface is often above the freezing point as a result of indoor heat loss, snow may initially begin to melt then freeze when the melted snow reaches the colder unheated roof edge or gutter. It can then refreeze as ice which acts as a dam to additional melted snow draining off the roof. The cold water contained in these dams can seep into your attic and walls, creating a host of problems.
  • Since snowfall on your roof is able to absorb a surprising amount of rainfall, mild weather conditions following a snow storm can result in structural damage, as the weight on a roof in these conditions can become extremely heavy. In older structures or improperly constructed buildings, total rafter collapse is a possibility.
  • Shingles can crack when they are walked on during cold weather, often while maintenance is being done to remove snow from a roof or when putting up and taking down holiday decorations. Clearing roof snow also presents the potential for serious injuries or even death due to unsafe practices that may result in a fall.
  • Leaks in roof flashing or any location beginning to show wear are most likely to show up during the winter, when accumulated snow and ice begins to melt. A roof that is covered in snow slows the drainage of water, allowing it to leak though even the smallest of entry points.

Winter is an Excellent Time to Upgrade Your Roof

Regardless of whether you are faced with an emergency roof replacement or prefer to be proactive by installing a new roof before damage occurs, winter can be an excellent time to complete your Arkansas roofing project. Replacing an old roof before the arrival of spring helps avoid costly winter roof damages, as late winter and early spring weather conditions often create the undesired scenario of rain falling onto a roof covered with snow.

For homeowners seeking extra roofing protection with an extremely long lifespan, installing metal roofing offers many benefits including reduced utility bills, excellent weather resistance, and attractive styles that will increase the value of your home.

If you are ready to take action to repair or protect your roof from winter weather damage, request a free Arkansas roofing assessment and estimate from SC Home. Let us know if you have questions about what the coming winter weather can do to your roof or call (501) 588-0842 for more information.

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