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roof repair in Arkansas

Leaks Are Not the Only Reason You May Need a Roof Repair

Don’t leave your roof out of sight, out of mind: keep up with regular inspections to identify needed repairs before the damage gets out of control.

roof repair in Arkansas

Your roof consists of strong layers of sheathing, vapor barrier, shingles, and flashing all sitting on a support system of trusses or rafters. Aside from poor weather conditions, nearby trees and wildlife can wreak havoc on any of all of these materials, leading to one of the many common reasons to repair roofing. If you never notice a leak, you may never see missing or damaged roofing that can leave your home vulnerable to the elements. This drastically increases the chance of damage spreading across your roof and into your living space. Start inspecting your roof in the spring and fall in case you need roof repair in Arkansas before complications occur that may require a full roof replacement.

Reasons to Repair Roofing

Water leaks can come through damaged roof materials and cause an immense amount of damage to your home’s interior. If mold and mildew start growing in your walls or attic, it can take an entire crew of remediation specialists to resolve. This may even require a full demolition and reconstruction to rectify the problem. The same can happen if you experience damage caused by wildlife entering through gaps from missing shingles or metal flashing. If you do not proactively look for issues with your roof, these kinds of damage can ruin your home without your knowledge.

It doesn’t always start with an obvious water leak. But by quickly identifying and resolving roof damage issues during regular inspections, you can prevent the need for costly repairs. If you stick to a schedule of inspecting your roof in the spring and fall, here are common problems to look for:

  • Damaged shingles: Cracks, splits, chips, and holes all compromise the barrier shingles provide. If any shingles feel loose, check to make sure more damage isn’t present underneath.
  • Ripped vapor barrier: Vapor barrier can only work properly if it’s free of holes and rips in the surface.
  • Missing metal flashing: You should have solid metal flashing surrounding any chimneys, skylights, etc. Make sure flashing is still attached and not warped, as this prevents water and wildlife from working their way inside.
  • Hanging gutters: Tornadoes and winter weather can cause ice dams or raging winds that damage your gutters. If any gutters are left hanging, roofing materials often come down with them.

If you feel uncomfortable performing a thorough inspection alone, contact a roofing repair professional in Arkansas to help you look for any potential problems. A simple repair or replacement of the missing or damaged materials often fully rectifies the issue. If further damage is present, they can recommend a plan of action. Insufficient do-it-yourself repairs using makeshift fixes or incorrect materials can actually cause more damage or complicate the original issue. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to call a professional no matter how big or small the problem may seem.

Call a Roofing Repair Professional

Although you can always perform your regularly scheduled inspections yourself, it’s wise to call a professional whenever you suspect a problem with your roof. Whether you hear animals scratching overhead, or worry about weather pounding on the surface of your shingles, performing an inspection can let you know if the roof requires replacement or repair. Contact SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding for more information about roof repair in Arkansas or to learn more about what to look for during your roof inspection.

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