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Metal Roofing Landing Page

Arkansas Metal Roofing

Other roofing materials may be less expensive at the onset, but there are many benefits to metal roofs that cannot be overlooked!

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Energy-efficiency. Metal is a reflective material, meaning it keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter. Homeowners can expect to see eating and cooling costs reduce by up to 40% a year with a metal roof.
  • Durability. Metal roofing is able to withstand extreme weather, which means lower maintenance costs due to a lower likelihood of roof damage, especially during Arkansas tornadoes and winter storms.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Because many metal roofs are made from recycled materials, using metal roofing can reduce environmental impact. Metal roofing can also be installed over old shingled roofing to reduce landfill waste.
  • Appearance. Metal roofing can be installed to match any home exterior style because it comes in a wide array of patterns, textures, and colors.

Metal Roofing Costs

While the cost of metal roofing is higher than using other materials, it lasts 2-3 times longer! Metal is stronger and more durable than other roofing materials, such as traditional shingles, requiring significantly less maintenance with an average life expectancy of 17 years.
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