discounts on home improvement projects

Pro Tip: The Biggest Discounts on Home Improvement Projects Are Given During These Months

We know, it’s cold outside! But don’t let that be the reason you put off some much needed home renovation. Take advantage of big savings during the winter months with 10% on all SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding services through February 2014.

winter discounts on home improvement projects

If you have been considering replacing your roof, updating your vinyl siding, or fixing those old, creaky windows, it may seem counter-intuitive to start these projects right in the middle of winter. However, it’s actually during this time that some contractors offer the biggest discounts and savings because of the slower season. Take it from the pros: when the cold hits is when you will save the most on home improvement projects.

What Are the Benefits of Wintertime Home Improvement?

Most people wait for warmer weather before thinking about renovating. From late March through September, builders and contractors are extremely busy and must work with customers to accommodate every-one’s schedule. During the off-season, hiring quality contractors is far less complicated because of their more liberal availability.

In order to keep a year-round balanced schedule, contractors are likely to offer discounts on home improvement projects to make winter work more attractive to potential customers. Another factor that can make this time of year more financially practical: Your year-end or holiday bonus.

Winter is a time of winds, rain, ice and other harsh weather that can take a toll on a house. Home improvements and regular maintenance keeps you and your family free from the uncomfortable effects
and wear and tear that the season might bring to your home. Seeing how well the upgrades stand up to the elements will also give you peace of mind and confidence in the work.

What Projects Are Best Suited for Winter Months?

Window replacement is perfect for winter. As a result of your furnace working harder due to heat loss through poor window seals, your heating bill could be up to 25% higher than it should be. The same also holds true during the summer, making it more difficult to keep your house cool. Installing new energy-efficient windows reduces both your utility bill and your carbon footprint.

Not looking forward to spending hot summer days painting your home’s exterior? Have vinyl siding installed for a fresh, modern look that is virtually maintenance-free. It’s durable, weather-resistant and far less likely to peel, crack or fade. You’ll appreciate the improved convenience of a simple once-yearly washing.

Compacted snow and freezing rain makes your roof vulnerable to leaks, holes, and even collapse. Old and loose or missing shingles can also result in heat loss and possibly provide an entryway for unwanted “guests.” Rain and freezing temperatures will simply compound the problem since critters like to use our homes for winter shelter. Most home owners think roofers don’t want to work in the cold, but the vast majority of roofers actually welcome it after the sweltering heat of summer.

Prep for Winter and Save with SC Home – Roofing Windows & Siding!

The professionals at SC Home – Roofing Windows & Siding can provide expert service on any of these home improvement projects. As a special value, we are offering 10% OFF all our services through February 15, 2014. Don’t let your house go through another winter without the care it needs. Take the first step and request a free quote online or call (501) 588-0842 today. Also, don’t forget to sign up to receive special home improvement discounts throughout the year.

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