home vinyl siding replacement

Is Replacing the Vinyl Siding on My Home a Good Investment?

Investing in home vinyl siding replacement not only saves you money in the long run, but also improves the overall quality and value of your house inside and out.

home vinyl siding replacement

Whether you are purchasing, selling, or just looking to improve the look your home, replacing outdated or damaged vinyl siding is the right move. Curb appeal is an important factor when it comes to the value of your home, and investing in a quality product will add more value than you might realize. Transform the look of your home’s exterior and gain valuable protection from the elements in Arkansas by replacing its vinyl siding.

Does Your Siding Need to be Replaced?

There are many reasons for replacing vinyl siding, from unforeseen damage to a style or color update, so how do you know when it is time for home vinyl siding replacement?

  • Low quality siding wears more quickly, and one good storm will take its toll on your home’s exterior. If the quality of your vinyl siding appears to be deteriorating, it’s time to replace it and to avoid this problem in the future, invest in a higher quality option.
  • If your current siding is cracking or unhinging to the point of falling off, these are signs that your siding was installed incorrectly or the current siding has aged beyond repair.
  • If your siding is showing extensive signs of rot, bubbling or fading, it is likely the siding is damage. Ignoring these issues will cause further rot to occur on the outside and inside of your home and cause other problems if not replaced.
  • Once the siding on your home simply no longer appeals to you, it’s time to look at replacing it. Certain textures or colors do not work for every homeowner, and with so many options in the marketplace today, replacing vinyl siding can give your home a whole new look and prove to be a beneficial investment.

The Benefits of Home Vinyl Siding Replacement in Arkansas

With the wide range of weather we experience in Arkansas, you cannot underestimate the value of having quality vinyl siding to protect your home from the elements. The decision to replace siding based on necessity or style comes with many added benefits:

Cost-effectiveness: Quality vinyl siding comes in a range of styles and options, allowing you to achieve the look and feel of more expensive materials at a lower price.

Insulation: When replacing your siding you may want to consider an insulated option for energy-efficiency, which can lower your utility bills and protect the interior of your home.

Durability: When considering painting or coating your vinyl siding verses replacing it, painting may give the siding another five years, while new siding can last 10-20 years and requires little to no maintenance. Replacing the vinyl on your home extends your home’s exterior lifespan, ultimately saving you money over time.

Resale Value: Replacing your vinyl siding can give your home a completely updated look, greatly increasing its curb appeal. Increasing your home’s curb appeal will also increase your home’s future resale value, making it a valuable investment should you ever decide to move.

Once you have made the decision to replace your siding, we recommend that you take the time to weigh all of your options and evaluate your costs. Contact SC Home- Roofing, Windows & Siding if you have questions about home vinyl siding replacement or call 501-588-0842. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and will work with you until you are completely satisfied with our work!

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