Arkansas vinyl siding replacement options

The Perfect Vinyl Siding Replacement Options for Every Home

Having trouble deciding the future of your home’s exterior? Follow our quick how-to guide for selecting the perfect option from the myriad of Arkansas vinyl siding replacement choices available.

Arkansas vinyl siding replacement options

Vinyl siding continues to grow in popularity with homeowners and with siding installers in the home exteriors industry. This is for a reason: vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive, has vast energy-saving benefits, and maintains its appearance with little maintenance. But once you decide to go with vinyl for your home, there are so many vinyl siding replacement options in Arkansas to choose from. Whether you just bought your home or you are remodeling your home, you can find the perfect siding style option for your house if you know what to look for.

What Architectural Style Inspires You?

Think about the last time you were house-hunting. You likely drove through neighborhoods with homes of different sizes and architectural styles that were both new subdivisions and older developments. Every “trend” seen in the last few decades of home-building can be matched to a vinyl siding option available today. Think about the era you want your home to replicate and talk to your siding contractor about the styles you like.

Do You Like Texture?

A key contributor to the style of your home’s exterior is the textural choice you make with the actual materials. When it comes to vinyl siding, options include traditional horizontal siding, vertical siding, scalloped siding, shakes, and of course, insulated vinyl siding. Horizontal vinyl siding draws attention to the pitches and unique features of your home. If you want a light, airy feel to your home, choose a non-traditional siding style, such as scalloped tiles. You can often mix-and-match textures as well to add trim around windows, doors, and pitches.

Have Your Considered a New Color Palette?

Selecting an unusual, outrageous color may sound fun, but it affect your home’s curb appeal and resale value. So choose a color that compliments your home and your neighborhood.

It’s also important to consider how nature will impact the color you select. For example, homes with bright-white vinyl siding subjected to heavy rains tend to appear dirty without maintenance. On the other hand, a warm gray tone will likely show less weathering and compliment the colors found in nature here in Arkansas.

How Can Siding Accentuate Your Home’s Other Features?

Once you choose a siding color that compliments your home and neighborhood, make sure all of the elements you have chosen (style, color, texture) also compliment the rest of your exteriors. If you are only replacing your vinyl siding, think about how it will accentuation your roofing, gutters, windows, garage, doors, fencing, driveway and landscaping.

If a vinyl siding replacement is the first step you are taking to makeover your home, you can also decide if you would rather base the rest of your home’s new features on the siding style you choose. Then, you can replace your roof, upgrade your windows, or plant new landscaping to compliment your siding.

The arrival of spring signifies the return of life to your home and yard, and an Arkansas vinyl siding replacement can offer a breath of fresh air to your property. If you have questions about the cost and availability of certain siding style options, contact SC Home for an Arkansas vinyl siding replacement estimate at (501) 588-0842 and let us give your home a spring makeover!

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