how to recognize a trusted Arkansas roofer

Thieves Posing As Roofers: How To Catch Them Red-Handed

Beware of dishonest contractors that prey on unsuspecting homeowners, as they may not be around to satisfy any warrantied work after they get paid for your project.

how to recognize a trusted Arkansas roofer

The fact of the matter is that the typical homeowner may go many years without having to seek out a trusted Arkansas roofer, and easily avoid getting tricked by a roofing scam. But when the time arrives to replace your roof, it’s important to do so as soon as possible since any water leaks can potentially cause a great deal of damage. Roof replacements are a substantial investment in your property’s equity, so it is a bad idea to hire a roofing contractor without first knowing that they have a reliable local reputation.

Attributes of Scam Roofers and Storm Chasers

You are the most at risk of a roofing scam following a natural disaster when many homes in an area of the state may suffer substantial roof damage and need a replacement. Usually the area is flooded with “storm chasers.” This type of contractor is almost never a trusted Arkansas roofer and may not even be local. Others might be local, but travel outside of their means to look for potential business.

Here are a few clues to look for to identify one of these bad actors:

  • They are working out of a truck that is obviously not a company vehicle. When you have a roofing contractor visit your home for a job estimate, make sure they arrive in a truck or van that has clear company branding.
  • They tell you that they need an advance payment for materials. A common scam involves taking a check for their services and never coming back to complete the work.
  • They are unable to furnish paperwork proving insurance and bonding. Look out for explanations such as: “I do not have it with me but I will get back to you. In the meantime we can strike a deal.”
  • They tell you there is no need to spend the money to pull a building permit. A professional will follow all local and state guidelines for roof replacements, and not try to “get around the law” for you.

Attributes of a Professional Contractor

A scam artist will not be able to prove or eagerly discuss the attributes of a trusted Arkansas roofer that an SC Home representative would be glad to share with you. If you ask for credentials and do not get cooperation, you can recognize this as a red flag. Some questions to ask include:

  • Are you insured? (We are insured for two million dollars.)
  • Are you licensed and bonded? (We are, by the state.)
  • Are you a member of the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce? (We are an active member of several Central Arkansas chambers.)
  • Are you EPA certified? (We are one of the only firms in Arkansas to be certified by the EPA.)
  • Are you registered with Better Business Bureau? (We are registered with an A+ rating.)
  • Are you affiliated with a quality material supplier? (We are an official Lowe’s installer of metal roofing and traditional shingles.)

We at SC Home – Roofing, Windows & Siding are an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited company dedicated to providing customer satisfaction to our clients all over Central Arkansas. To find out how we can protect your home with a new roof, simply request a quote or call us at (501) 588-0852.

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