Three Reasons To Replace Your Existing Shingles

replace shingles

SC Home – Roofing Windows & Siding, located in Sherwood, Arkansas, knows that roof replacement can seem costly, especially when a residential or commercial owner is burdened with sudden damage that requires a new roof. That’s why SC Roofing Windows & Siding provides superior customer service, quality products and certified, licensed contractors who install your roof right. The average home owner does not buy a roof very often, so they need guidance in purchasing an energy-efficient, durable roof that complements the style of their home or building. Whether you purchase asphalt shingles or one of our beautiful metal roofs, a new roof will enhance and increase the value of your structure.

1. Improved Insulation

Whether you need a roof for your home or commercial building, you are familiar with high utility costs. Every time you receive your electric bill, you are probably thinking that it would be desirable to be able to find a way reduce that bill. All new roofs will improve your insulation and help seal in the temperature within your home. Depending on the type of roof you choose, you could lower your electric bill by 20 percent or more. Some of our roofs are designed to divert the sun’s rays, so your home remains cool in the summer, but also provide superior insulation that helps keep your structure warm in the winter; thereby lowering your utility expenses. For maximal utility savings, let SC Roofing Windows & Siding also examine your windows. Window replacement will save you more money on your utility bills, since old windows may be made from inexpensive glass or be poorly sealed.

2. Durability and Lengthy Warranties

Asphalt roof warranties vary depending on the shingles and manufacturer. An asphalt roof can last 15 years or more, and they can last decades if they are well-maintained. Most metal roofs have a warranty of a minimum of 30 years and may have warranties up to 50 years. When it is time to sell your home or commercial structure, buyers will be worried about the condition and age of the roof, so a new roof is a valuable selling feature that can hasten your home’s sale. Many of our roofs are designed to be durable, and can even withstand weather elements including snow or hail. Many Arkansas insurance companies also provide discounts for using some of our roofs.

3. Selection and Variety of Roof Shingles: Color, Style and Appearance

Just like with windows and siding, there are over 25 colors and styles to choose from when picking out your next roof. There is a style and color for any and every style of home or business. SC Home – Roofing Windows & Siding will set an appointment at your convenience and bring you all types of samples so you can choose what best fits your home. This consultation is FREE and with no obligation.

Contact the qualified Arkansas roofing windows and siding experts at SC Home – Roofing Windows & Siding for a free quote. Call (501) 588-0842 or contact us online to become one of our many satisfied customers.

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