Top 3 Advantages of Vinyl Siding in Arkansas

Arkansas vinyl siding

More and more Arkansas homeowners have become interested in vinyl siding over the last decade, and our siding teams is taking notice. Of the various building materials for home exteriors, many owners and builders have chosen premium vinyl siding, and for good reason—new vinyl siding offers several great benefits.

Arkansas vinyl siding has seen a resurgence of interest due to the many advancements in siding technology. Siding has many attractive features, but some are a bit more appealing than others. We hear about three of the top advantages from homeowners over and over again, which include attractiveness, durability, and economy.

1. Attractiveness.

Premium vinyl siding installation is on the rise in a large part due to how stunning it is. An easy way to give a house a fresh-painted look is to install new siding, which doesn’t peel, scratch, or flake. It doesn’t require painting, and can be cleaned easily with a soap and water mix wash.

The vinyl siding options installed by SC Roofing, Windows and Siding are available in a wide array of textures, colors, styles and patterns; some siding can look like beautiful, natural wood. As a skilled Arkansas vinyl siding contractor, we work with homeowners to pick the right siding for their home, helping to customize the vinyl to best suit the owner’s tastes and needs.

2. Durability.

As already mentioned, part of the reason vinyl siding is so attractive is that it doesn’t flake, peel, or scratch. Vinyl siding, as opposed to fiber cement siding or wood siding, is made from PVC, and therefore, is weather resistant and can be manufactured into a broad selection of colors.

Vinyl siding is designed to stand up to the elements, which means that in extreme situations, it is more likely to hold up. It is designed to resist moisture, heat, and cold. Additionally, vinyl siding has the strength to withstand winds over 110 miles per hour.

3. Economy.

Many homeowners choose to use vinyl siding because of the current popular siding choices, and also because vinyl siding is an affordable option. Vinyl siding is durable and extremely low-maintenance, which means upkeep costs are minimal or non-existent. Only a bit of cleaning should be necessary to keep the siding looking like new.

Another cost saving advantage of vinyl siding is that it acts as additional insulation for your home. With the help of added insulation, it helps to increase the home’s energy efficiency for savings well into the future. The quick fitting installation process of vinyl siding is considerably easier than other siding options, and it is readily available through many manufacturers, which makes it even more competitively priced among the home exterior options.

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These are just three of the many advantages that vinyl siding offers, and there are many more. Arkansas homeowners and builders agree, and we heartily recommend maximizing your home’s value with durable, low-maintenance vinyl siding.

As an Arkansas vinyl siding company, we’d love to tell you more about vinyl for your home. Contact the professionals at SC Roofing, Windows and Siding with any questions you have regarding your siding, roofing, or window installation project. You can reach us by phone at (501) 588-0842, or contact us online.

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