repair or replace Arkansas vinyl siding

Should My Vinyl Siding Be Repaired or Replaced?

Siding damage can take many forms. If you suspect your siding needs repair or replacement, there are a few crucial factors to assess.

repair or replace Arkansas vinyl siding

Many natural or man-made disasters are capable of damaging your home’s once-pristine vinyl siding. Damaged siding in Arkansas can cause many additional problems, so a simple repair or a substantial vinyl siding replacement may need to happen sooner than you thought. Any damaged area of siding will likely need to be replaced eventually, but you first need to assess the damage to determine the next course of action.


What Caused the Siding Damage?

No matter the size or location of the damage, you must consider the weight of what caused your vinyl siding damage. If the damage was caused by the weather, every compromised piece of siding represents the opportunity for another weather event to cause even greater damage.

For example, a single crack may appear non-threatening, but it could allow water, insects, and harmful bacteria into your home. Not only is this bad for your health, but it poses a risk for electrical malfunction or even fire. Before you risk your home or the safety of your family, replace a single row of light damage or request the help of a professional who specializes in Arkansas vinyl siding replacement for larger areas of damage.

What Type of Siding Damage Do You Have?

Visible signs of damaged siding like bubbled siding and loose or broken pieces are complex issues that require replacement. Also look for fading siding as a sign of the weakening bonds between the polymers, which means the vinyl siding’s lifespan has simply come to an end. These warping effects are signs of deteriorating vinyl siding which can slowly de-insulate your home and raise your energy bills.

Consider Cost and Maintenance

If the damage is small and hasn’t impacted the structure of your home, repairs are relatively inexpensive. However, if you decide to haphazardly repair to avoid the costs of a full replacement, you should think again. Often, cost analysis will show that several spotty repairs can cost you more than just doing a proper replacement. If the same problems continue to pop up, you should consider replacing the vinyl siding with new product. To avoid problems, you should follow some basic vinyl siding care and maintence tips and make it part of your home maintenance routine.

What to Do If Your Vinyl Siding Needs to Be Replaced

Damaged siding diminishes the value of your property and poses significant safety and health hazards to your family.

If you have noticed damaged vinyl siding on your home’s exterior, request a quote and consultation from SC Home for a vinyl siding replacement. If you have questions about the extent of your damage, call us at 501-588-0842.

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